About Us

Honda started its motorbike driving-technical training system nearly 50 years ago, and has been upgrading it, widening it on an international scale in part of achieving a preventive driving safety conception since.

Besides the Hungarian training headquarter, which has been operating since 2008 and reached more than 17.000 customers, Honda has HQs in other 36 countries world-wide, that have given over 12 million people advanced level driving skills.

Things You Can Learn

Proper use of the protective gears, proper driving posture, straight slalom, offset slalom, weight transferring exercise, turning, braking, emergency braking technics, balancing exercises at slow speed, jolting and uneven road simulation, fast evasion, stopping on a hill, starting and turnabout, safety and maintenance exercises, etc.

Among the practical exercises surely almost anyone can find the interesting upgradable area, speaking about drivers with new and old driving licence, or about bikers with lot of experience as well. With the help of this driving technical training everyone can fully find and increase their motorcycle knowledge and skills to a self-confident level. Having a motorbike is not a requirement of the training.



2-day training 49 000 HUF

We recommend this course, to those guests, who have never been on a bike before, or who are very unconfident with the handling of a manually shifting motorcycle.


2 napos tanfolyam 49 000 HUF

We recommend this to those bikers, who have valid driver’s license for manual shifting motorbike (experienced), and more familiar with bike-handling


Half-day training 17 000 HUF

Our half day long course is being held by our instructors without any theoretical lessons. Performing our Basic 1st level training is a requirement of this course.


1-day training 30 000 HUF

Our main goal with this course is to improve your reflexes, which can help you solve accidents caused by sudden slippery roads.


1 or half day training from  30 000 / 15 000 HUF

We launched a 1-day long driving-technic practicing course based on our 2-day training on 1st and 2nd level. We launched a 1-day long driving-technic practicing course based on our 2-day training on 1st and 2nd level.

Trainings with scooters go with the same prices above. The trainings listed above are including the possibility of performing the 1 or 2-day long courses, use of the bikes and equipment, in case of a whole day training, a hot-meal lunch, and a limitless mineral-water consumption. The written prices include the 27% VAT as well.


We offer trainings with a highly reduced price for our returning Guests. Our every Guest, who is coming back for its second time to a 2-day training, is entitled to a 5.000-forint discount from the trainings basic cost. Those Guests, who are here for their 3rd 2-day training, are entitled to a 10.000-forint discount. (The last rule is true for the 3rd and for all further occasions)

The discounts are automatically recognised by our online registration system and it will take it into account. In case of we promote a reduced priced training (for example: in winter months), we will calculate with the lower price (but the discounts are cannot be combined). Feel free reaching us if You have any questions to ask.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to reduce the number of accidents involving bikers.

And we would lie to reach this by improving the driving technics and driving culture of the motorcyclists.

Experience 98%
Technic 95%
Infrastructure 97%
Efficiency 93%

Our team

Szloboda Tamás

Business manager

Szabó Ákos

Leader instructor

Szikora Balázs


Földi Attila


Pétervári Mátyás



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…Very useful, recommended to all bikers! Top quality bikes, good instructors with great diction…

…Well trained, polite, civilized high quality training, could be said also about the place about the technic and about the instructors as well…

…I would make this obligatory. I learned a lot, which I am grateful for. Good atmosphere, well organised program…

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Our Instructors

Our Instructors were trained in Turkey, Spain and in Singapore — by Japanese — leader-instructors in order for us to give You the highest quality training as possible, here in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania etc.

Our Instructors are constantly trained further and supervised ensure the continuous perfect quality.

Training-centrals in the World

Among others there are Honda motorcycle driving-technic teaching centrums in: Argentine, Australia, Brazil, South-Korea, France, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Chine, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Great-Britain, Germany, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, Peru, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam

Our 2-day long trainings’…

Our 2-day long trainings’ first cost is around 92.000 Ft. Thank to our Supporters, who think the biker’s safety is important, can we provide our trainings with a lowered 49.000 Ft price for those who would like to improve their bike handling skills. That’s why we think that you should know the companies which pay for more than half of your trainings’ cost. The National Traffic Authorities and the Traffic-science Institute are providing us with professional support in our work.

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  • Honda Motor Europe’s Hungarian Branch
  • Country’s Police Headquarters – Country’s Accident Prevention Commission